While at WCDB Albany, I have interviewed many athletes, coaches, and other notable guests. Occsionally, I've been on the other end of things. Here are some interviews I've done on the air. 




Interviewing UAlbany Basketball Players DJ Evans and Gary Johnson

Part of WCDB Weekend Sports Spotlight on March 29, 2014. 


Interviewing UAlbany Women's Basketball Players Sarah Royals and Shereesha Richards. Part of WCDB Weekend Sports Spotlight on May 3, 2014. 


Interviewing UAlbany Football Player Omar Osbourne.

Part of WCDB Weekend Sports Spotlight on May 3, 2014.


Interview with siblings Jack and Julie Forster, both of whom have played DI sports for UAlbany. Julie played basketball and Jack plays football. The interview took place on 2/21/15.

I was interviewed on The Weather Channel before UAlbany played Oklahoma in the men's basketball NCAA Tournament. The interview was live on AMHQ with Sam Champion on March 19, 2015.

Phone interview with men's basketball coach Will Brown 4/11/15. Phone interview with football coach Greg Gattuso 5/2/15. Interview with UAlbany men's soccer players Anthony Rozzano and Eric Orologio 8/29/15. Interview with Erin Coughlin and Imani Tate 9/19/15.


ESPN Radio 104.5 The Team Interview 11/2/15 I intern for the station, this was my first appearance on the air.



In March 2020, I was interviewed on the Pulling Tarp Podcast, an independent podcast about people that work in Minor League Baseball.